This blog is about HireMe.ph, Philippine job market and also a little of anything under the sun to lighten things up. The goal of this blog is to let the readers understand deeply the story behind HireMe.ph and also to establish a more personal relationship with HireMe.ph users. Expect that you will have a variety of posts here! This is more than HireMe.ph. This is also about You! It’s our pleasure to feed you things that will enrich you both on your work and life. Feel free to comment on the blog posts or ask questions. Anything goes here as long as no hitting below the belt. 🙂 You may want also to become an author on this blog and write your own post here. Just drop an email at “admin@hireme.ph“.

If HireMe.ph looks so serious. Well, this is the lighter side of HireMe.ph!

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